Is a Visit to This Expensive Country Really Worth It

32Bhutan is home to splendid scenes, delightful religious groups, some incredible extravagant lodgings and a calm peaceful environment. Wedged amongst India and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, and masked in the significant valleys of the eastern Himalaya, Bhutan values a reputation for being a little paradise on earth. The country has turned out to be more guests in the late years with the introduction of advanced innovations, bistros, and Wi-Fi. However, there is a catch of visiting Bhutan. You cannot visit it like any other destinations. If you are looking for Bhutan tour packages from Mumbai, you will find that your search will be very bleak as to book a tour packages to Bhutan, you will have to get it done through the tour administrators in Bhutan. There is also a mandatory fee of $250 per day visitors have to pay, which works out to about INR 17,000, A hefty amount for a single day! All that being said, if you are all pumped about a trip to Bhutan in the near future, here is what you need to know.

Time your trip during the festive seasons

When you are paying $250 dollars per day to any Government, you should definitely try to make the best of your trip! Squeeze out every opportunity to make your visit an unending affair of interesting things to do. Festivals in Bhutan are by and large a presentation of delightful moving works of art and the nearby Bhutanese in their best traditional dress. Certain festivals, for instance, Paro Tsechu attract a huge crowd. For a more comfortable undertaking, you can consider heading off to the less clearly comprehended festivals. There are also smaller festivals that happen at different times of the year which draws the consideration of individuals from everywhere.

Look out for the peak seasons

April, October, and November are for the most part the peak time frame in Bhutan. If you are thinking about passing by Bhutan in the midst of these particular months, you should book your air tickets and hotels no less than a couple of months before the date you set for your excursion as you will face problems trying to book a ticket or even getting a decent room of your choice.

Consider a homestay

This is likely a more authentic approach as opposed to staying in inns. While there are comfortable 3-star hotels in Bhutan which come with all the necessary facilities, that is something you can experience anywhere. If you are comfortable with it, there is nothing better than a homestay in Bhutan. Having a homestay will give you a direct involvement in the everyday lives of Bhutanese family. Regardless, be cautioned that most families will not have a hot shower, central heating or Wi-fi.

So yes, a visit to Bhutan may not be the most luxurious trip and with the $250 per day tag hanging on it you may think why not take the holiday packages in India and visit parts in Northeast India where some parts share similar traits and lifestyle, but trust me, Bhutan as a country is different altogether and they are a proud bunch of people when it comes to their culture and one of the most kindhearted race of people you will find on the face of the Earth, mainly owing to its religious teachings and upbringing.


Book Hotel in Malang is Easy

Gunung-BromoMalang is a city located in East Java, Indonesia. This city has become popular as a producer of apple fruit in high quality. Also, Malang now has many tourism site spread in the whole area of the city from the center until the edge of it. The natural sites such as beaches and mountain will give you lot of pleasure and you can have memorable memories when you go to Malang. If you want to spend some nights in Malang, you can book a hotel there. There are many hotels that you can choose. The prices of hotels in Malang varied from the cheap until the expensive.

If you go to Malang, try to spend your holiday to these popular destinations. If you want to go hiking, Mount Bromo can be a good choice for you. Mount Bromo has been known to the entire world as a caldera and active mountain surrounded by wide sands. This mountain can satisfy your wild side. For you who like to add your knowledge on the history of Malang, you can go to Brawijaya Museum where you can see tanks ex-war and diorama about the fight of Aremania (people of Malang), or go to Angkut Museum. Temple can be the next destination for you. There are little temples such as Jago Temple, Singhasari Temple, and Songgoriti Temple. Or if you want to refresh your mind, just go to Bale Kambang beaches, Goa Cina, Tiga Warna, and Banyu Anjlog.

To add your pleasure when you have trip in Malang, try to taste some traditional food like Rawon nguling, Mawut Fried Rice, and many more. Spend the night in the city and book the hotel that close to your holiday destination to ease you going to those places. Just choose one of the hotels available in the entire area in the city and if you want to book it online, use Booking hotel online is easy with where you can get prices hotel in Malang. Just go on the website and write the destination on the search engine, and write the date when you check-in and check-out after it. Then you will be given lists of variant hotels including the location and the promo or discount information from the hotel. Choose one that suits your budget and the payment can be done via banking. Don’t forget to make a plan first before you have the trip and book the hotel far before the execution day.


Summer Vacation Ideas for Couples

couple-selfieSummer vacation is the perfect time to enjoy the company of your partner. The holidays bring forth a feeling of togetherness and you can savor those intimate moments for which you might have been longing for. Above all, this break from the daily chores would be intensely relaxing for both of you.

During summer season, you should ideally plan for a trip to hill stations or visit places having cool climate. Do not visit tropical destinations with extreme hot and humid climate during the peak summer time. You can avail budget package tours offered by travel agencies and plan out the activities you would want to do during the vacation. To be precise your travel itinerary should be ready before you set out for the journey. We have presented some brilliant ideas to spend summer vacation with your beloved over here.

Travel and Tour

• One of the best holiday destinations of summer season is Europe. Take your partner to the Scandinavian peaks and the Swiss Alps. Paris, Venice, Greece, and Italy are destinations meant ideally for couples. You will experience the exotic beauty of the vintage cathedrals, serene waters; enjoy lavish cuisines and above all bask in the romantic air that these cities are endowed with. I would suggest you to opt for a package tour which will cover these places within an affordable budget.

• There are numerous summer vacation destinations in the U.S. Niagara Falls, Canada; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Las Vegas and Nevada are the best spots to spend summer vacation with your partner. These cities offer plenty of entertainment options apart from the scenic beauty which tourists mostly love to savor. You will have immense fun in Las Vegas as it has excellent places to shop and dine.

• Some of the best beaches in the world lie in the East and West coast of America. To give a pizzazz to your mood, you can spend few days in Florida, South California, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle or Caribbean Island. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the secluded beaches in the company of your spouse and visit spas to rejuvenate of yourself completely.

• If you are enthusiastic about bird watching, then there’s no better place than the South Coast of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The national parks are peaceful abode to zillions of species of birds and you can spend your day simply gazing at them. You can also go for beach fishing, rock fishing and boat fishing in the Southern coast.

• Another unique activity that will fascinate you in the holiday season is whale watching. For this, you have to spend a day at the Hawaiian island of Maui. You can plan whale watch eco tour under the guidance of your tour guide. It will definitely be a thrilling experience for both of you.

Outdoor Adventure

• Summer is the best season for enjoying water sports. You have ample resources for water adventure while being on a beach. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and yachting are the activities that you must not miss during summers.

• Hilly regions like New Zealand and Swiss Alps offer wonderful facilities for paragliding, skiing and bungee jumping. I’m sure these extreme adventurous sports will rev up your energy and spirits. Just set yourself free and make ultimate fun with your love.

Staying Indoors

Surprised? Yes, staying indoors will be a wonderful experience when you make each other feel special and loved. It is also because, you may not get this opportunity once your college or office resumes. Here we present you some romantic ideas.

• Create a romantic ambiance in your room by adoring it with aromatic candles and fragrant flowers. Spend time watching movies and cooking dishes that both of you are utterly fond of. Kiss and cuddle each other, make love and stay happy indoors. If you do not have the privilege to stay with your partner at your home (and vice versa), then you can book a hotel at your residential city itself. What better idea can you think of other than being so intimate every moment?

Those were the wonderful summer vacation ideas that you have been looking for. Book your tickets in advance so that no rush is caused at the last moment. Till then keep waiting for the beautiful days ahead.


La Gomera: The Forgotten Jewel of the Canaries

You may be wondering where La Gomera is, it could certainly feature as the million dollar question on some television quiz because this impeccable location remains relatively obscured by the glow of its noisy neighbour. La Gomera is a part of the Canary Islands archipelago, not so far from Tenerife.

For years and years Tenerife has served as a popular tourist destination for the British public, though for some incomprehensible reason La Gomera seems to have avoided the mass-hype and the hustle and bustle – which if you ask me, is a good thing!

In this particular case, this charming island’s smaller stature serves as a beautiful blessing. Geographically speaking La Gomera is truly a wondrous place. The island is only fifteen miles across and yet it boasts a wealth of stunning landscape for you to admire.

An ancient volcano grandly towers from the Atlantic reaching an impressive five thousand feet toward the clouds – and all around it there lies all manner of alluring microclimates: A luxuriant and dense, lush forest to the centre of the island, while another world of desert canyons and palms adorn the surrounding coast.

While La Gomera certainly sees its fair share of tourists it is pale in comparison to the whopping 12 million passengers a year that flock through Tenerife’s Airport. There are smaller inter-island planes and a ferry that makes access to the Island possible though for the most part La Gomera is able to filter out the majority of holiday makers. This paradisiacal destination attracts a certain flavour of traveller: perhaps a more cultured and refined type, looking for the true meaning of escapism – are you searching for the real jewel of the Canary Islands?

La Gomera and her residents go about life at an unhurried pace, enjoying the fruits of a relatively untouched environment. While the island’s economy is rather reliant on tourism, they have done well not to sell their soul to the industrial tourism machine.

There are many who rely on all of the comforts of home when they go on holiday; which is why many of the more developed Canary Islands are littered with fish and chip shops, boisterous bars and other amenities favoured by the Western holiday maker. That is not to suggest that there is anything necessarily wrong with such destinations, though the heart of the traveller resides in the unfamiliar; just as the soul of the traveller feeds on authenticity – something that La Gomera most certainly has in abundance.

La Gomera focuses more on the wildlife than the nightlife and the only way to truly experience it is to get off-road and into the wild. The island is littered with delightful and breath-taking landscapes, hiking trails, ridges and ravines – Around every twist and turn there is a new and exciting view simply waiting to blow you away.

Many will contest that the true defining feature of La Gomera isn’t even actually on the island itself, but across the water in Tenerife. The fabled Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and can be seen for miles around. Often the twelve thousand ft Volcano appears to be floating upon the clouds, while other-times it is entirely unobscured; an immovable object in the middle of the ocean – such profound and majestic discoveries are most certainly not few and far between on this incredible, un-touched island.

There is a wealth of quality accommodation for you to choose from as well. Whether you are looking to settle in the popular Playa de Santiago, San Sebastian de la Gomera or even Vale Gran Rey, you’ll be sure to find something suitable to your tastes – from self-catering apartments, to cottages, houses and villas; what will make your escape the perfect getaway? – A 3 bedroom yacht perhaps? There is simply so much choice for you to peruse. What are you waiting for? Book your next holiday today and make it one to remember – La Gomera will surely offer you that unforgettable experience that you’ll fondly day-dream about for years to come.


5 Fabulous Texas Festivals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

wqIt’s no secret that the great state of Texas plays host to some household names in the festival world. But did you know that Texas holds fantastic festivals of all sort throughout the year? With its long history and diverse residents, it’s no wonder Texas festivals boast the best in fabulous food, live music, wine tasting and more, and some little-known these festivals do it all without the crowds! If you’re looking to head outdoors for a delightful time, check out the five festivals below that you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Lavender & Wine Festival (Washington County, TX)

Held annually in August, the Lavender & Wine festival is a joint venture held at Chappell Hill Lavender Farm and Windy Winery. This countryside festival has a quaint community feel, and features wine tastings, demonstrations, fragrant lavender cuttings, and crafts. Enjoy the wonderful fragrance of the farm and tour the vines at the winery. Plus there are always plenty of vendors and live music abounds! Admission is free, but bring some cash for wine tastings.

2. Bluebonnet Festival of Texas (Chappell Hill, TX)

Declared the “Official Bluebonnet Festival of Texas” by the Texas Legislature, nothing says Texas like a festival celebrating everything bluebonnet! Held annually in April, this festival boasts more than 250 juried exhibitors showcasing the best in bluebonnet home decor, gardening, art, jewelry, clothing, and more. Enjoy country-style food while you take in live entertainment and music, and then take a tour of the historic community. If you’ve got the kiddos in tow, they’re going to love the pony rides, petting zoo, face painting, and barrel train at the children’s activity corner! Admission is free, but bring $5 for parking.

3. Burton Cotton Gin Festival (Burton, TX)

The Burton Cotton Gin Festival is two fun-filled days that celebrate the history and honors the heritage of cotton. The festival kicks off with an all-you-can-eat shrimp boil on Friday. A parade runs through town Saturday morning, then mosey over to check out the antique tractors and engines on display, peruse the arts and crafts booths, take in the folk life entertainment, and head with the kids over to the petting zoo. Plus, auctions! Food! Music! Held annually during the third weekend in April, this festival has it all. Admission is free, but expect to pay for food and drinks, and the shrimp boil is $30 a person

4. Fall Festival of Roses (Independence, TX)

Situation on 8 acres of landscaped grounds, The Antique Rose Emporium hosts its annual rose festival in November. Enjoy a weekend of beauty as you attend garden-related seminars presented by internationally renowned experts. The festival begins on Friday with rose discussions and how-to seminars. Then tour the growing fields, sample food and fragrance, and enjoy wine pairings on Saturday. The local high school theater and choral departments also perform throughout the day. Close the weekend out on Sunday with final informative flower discussions and displays followed by herbal taste treats. All programs are free!

5. Juneteenth Celebration (Brenham, TX)

Juneteenth is the oldest national celebration of the end of slavery. The Juneteenth Celebration in Brenham, TX dates back to 1865 and, to this day, continues the tradition of commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas! This historic, one-day event features a parade full of local marching bands and community groups. Enjoy live music and entertainment, hands-on celebration activities at Fireman’s park, and summertime eats and drinks. This celebration is fun for all ages, and admission is free.


Why Kerala Is the Best Tourist Destination for Travellers

sdWhen it comes to tourism, Kerala is one the most popular tourist destinations that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Located in the southwestern region of India, this state with an unbroken coast line along its entire length and with its natural greenery and picturesque surroundings, has been rated as ‘one of the ten paradises of the world’ and ’50 must-see destinations of a lifetime’ by National Geographic Traveller.

Unique Features

Blessed by Mother Nature, the abundance of backwaters, lakes, beaches and tropical greenery beckon every traveller to this beautiful serene land to enjoy the ambience of nature’s beauty. Families, newly weds, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, choose this paradise for its serenity and natural scenic beauty; This state with the highest literacy and lowest child mortality rates, is one of most progressive states with diverse culture and a home to some of the best eco-tourism destinations in India.

Besides the famous Kovalam beach, hill stations of Wayanad and Munnar and backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom, here are some other best places to visit in Kerala including a few eco-tourism destinations:

Some Famous Hill Stations

Munnar – One of the famous hill stations situated at the junction of three rivers. The tea-planted hills with mist and special shades of green present a beautiful sight. Some places (Pothamadu, Pallivasal, Mattupetty, etc) near Munnar with striking landscapes, waterfalls, trekking trails, lakes and dams; and Top Station where the famous Nilkurinji blooms once in twelve years, enliven the surroundings and makes it an unforgettable experience.

Vagamon – Famous for Meenachil River, Thekkady, Ponmudi, Lakkidi, Vythiri, Idukki, Malampuzha and Mattupetty are some other locations that attract tourists in Kerala.

Some Lesser Known Hill Stations

Gavi: It is located in Pathanamthitta and is a perfect place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Wildlife and bird watching, tree houses and spice garden, camping and safari in the forest are some other activities that attract tourists.

Athirapally: Situated in Thirussur, is known for its waterfall which has a total height of 82 feet. A scenic landscape and the beauty of the gushing Athirapally waterfall are best enjoyed in the monsoons. It is also a home to a number of animals and plants, including endangered species.

Ayyampuzha, Charalkunnu, Kalpetta, Thiruvambadi, Malakkappara, Vithura and Ranipuram are some other places to have a stress relieving vacation.

Nature walks, trekking, bird watching and other activities have attracted tourists and helped in promoting eco-tourism. Thenmala, Silent Valley National Park and Periyar Tiger Reserve are amongst the best eco-tourism destinations in Kerala.

Backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala are famous for its interconnected rivers, lakes and canals. These lagoons are destinations all visitors enjoy with a cruise ride and a vacation at the magnificently created boat houses that ply the backwaters. The backwaters are also a home for a variety of aquatic plants and animals.

Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kuttanad, Kasargod, Allappuzha, Munroe Island and Thiruvallam are some hot spots and important backwater regions.


Besides the crescent shaped Kovalam Beach famous for relaxing, ayurvedic treatment and massages, Varkala Beach is also one of the famous beaches situated in Thiruvananthapuram. It is the only region where one can see cliffs with unique geographical features due to their elevation on the flat surface of Kerala, making it a geological monument. This beautiful location attracts more people to its scenic beauty and to catch a glimpse of the beautiful hues of the setting sun. This amazing destination is one of the best reasons for Kerala to be known as God’s Own Country.

Other beaches to enjoy the scenic beauty: Bekal Beach, Khozikode Beach, Allappuzha Beach, Meenukunnu Beach, Chavakkad Beach, Kappil Beach and Cherrai Beach.

A Few Forts

Fort Kochi, located in the city of Kochi, is one of the best sightseeing places in Kerala with the European inspired architecture and planning. Other major attractions are its beaches and the sight of marvellous traditional fishing in the region.

Bekal Fort, situated in Kasargod, is the largest fort in Kerala spreading across 40 acres of land.

Bekal with its exotic beauty, serenity and magnificent view is among the top three honeymoon places in South India.

Other Places of Interest

Marine Drive, facing Kerala’s backwaters, is one of the most enchanting places with beautiful sunset and gentle breeze from the Vembanad Lake. The popular Rainbow Bridge and the Chinese Fishing Net Bridge offer surreal view of the backwaters.

Mattancherry Palace is one of the finest palaces of Kerala. The palace with Kerala murals and Hindu temple art was built by the Portuguese and reflects the 15th century architecture. It was renovated by the Dutch and is known as the Dutch Palace.

Malayattur is a small village in Ernakulam famous for Christian pilgrimage. It is famous because it is the place where St Thomas had fled to save himself from his enemies who were trying to kill him and believed to have prayed on this mountain.

Wayanad – Famous for the heart-shaped lake on the way to the top of the Chembara peak and wildlife sanctuary, Kanakakunnu Palace in Thiruvananthapuram, Periyar National Park in Thekkady, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (World Heritage Site) harmonized with Thoovanam Waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park in Idukki, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Edakkal Caves are some other places in Kerala that are popular.


Black Sand or Yellow Sand Beaches of Tenerife – The Island’s Best Beaches

Tenerife has a very wide range of beaches for visitors to the island to choose from, and, of course, beaches are what most holidaymakers want when they are away on vacation. There are black sand beaches, made from the natural volcanic sand, and there are yellow sand beaches, made with sands transported from the Western Sahara, or made with sand collected from the seabed. There are very big beaches and small sheltered ones, there are beaches at resorts where it is very easy to get to them, and there are remote beaches that are only accessible by footpaths or even by boat, in some cases. The beach at Masca is like that because it is only accessible by boat or by taking a long and quite difficult climb down a ravine. There are rocky beaches and mixed beaches where there are rocks and pebbles and sand. With all the different sorts of beaches available you are sure to find the kind of beach you like best somewhere on the island. So let’s take a look at some of the best beaches of Tenerife.

Playa de las Teresitas beach at the village of San Andres, just up the coast from Santa Cruz the capital of Tenerife, is thought by many people to be the best beach in the island. It is made from golden-yellow Sahara sand and is a very long beach. There is a breakwater that makes Las Teresitas safe for bathers. It has palm trees at the top of the beach making it look very tropical and exotic, it has a car-park, and is very easy to get to by road.

In the south of the island are the main tourist resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, and not surprisingly these locations have yellow sand beaches. Playa de las Vistas is one of the most popular of the beaches of the former resort, whilst Playa de Troya is the main beach at Las Americas. It offers watersports, sun-beds, restaurants and other facilities. Further up the coast are the beaches of Fanabe and Torviscas.

Also, in the south are the beaches of El Medano. Playa la Tejita is a massive sandy beach here that is very popular. The only problem with El Medano is it gets very windy but this has made it ideal for windsurfers.

We find most of the black sand beaches in the north of Tenerife, and one of the best is known as Playa Jardin (“Garden Beach”) at the resort of Puerto de la Cruz. Awarded European Blue Flag status, this long beach has attractive gardens at the top, hence its name. It is also right by Loro Parque (“Parrot Park”), a location very popular with tourists on vacation in the Canary Islands.

Further down the northwest coast, right by the town of Icod de los Vinos, famous for its 1,000-year-old dragon tree, we find the black sandy beach of San Marcos. Sheltered by cliffs and with a seafront with plenty of bars and restaurants, this is a real hidden gem, and a very popular beach with those that have discovered it.


Can Bali Win Back Australian Tourists

Bali used to be the destination of choice for Australian tourists, with its proximity to Western Australia. Bali is both easily accessible and relatively inexpensive for holidaymakers wanting to find some all year round sunshine, white sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife.

Despite the tragic bombings in 2002 and 2005 which killed 92 Australians combined, tourism has continued to boom. Bali has some picturesque and idyllic beaches for surfing as well as a well known vibrant nightlife that has helped it recover from these terrible events.

Kuta Beach is by far the most popular resort in Bali and also the most commercialized. Young Australians in particular are attracted to the cool atmosphere in the resorts and beaches. Of the 1.1 Million Australians that travel overseas every year for their holidays 1 Million of them go to Bali.

In recent years there has been a worrying decline in the Australian tourist market in Bali. Fewer Australians have opted to visit the island. There are a number of reasons for this, although their effects are debatable. Probably the most important reason has been the decline in the value of the Australian dollar in recent times. This has made overseas travel for many Australians very expensive.

A second reason has been the 2015 campaign on social media to boycott Bali following the execution of the so-called Bali 9 which included 2 Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Whether or not this boycott had any impact on Australians going to Bali is difficult to quantify but as you wander around the resorts and beaches around Bali you notice a distinct lack of Australian tourists compared to 2 years ago.

Indonesians though are resourceful if nothing else and soon looked to new opportunities to plug the gap the Australians had left behind. They set about enticing Chinese tourists to the paradise island. With a population of over 1 Billion, around 100 Million Chinese tourists travel abroad every year. Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda, this year started flying between Shanghai and Denpasar, Bali. This added to the already Denpasar to Beijing route and Denpasar to Guangzhou route. Chinese tourism in Bali is up 36% in the first 3 months of 2016.

The Chinese may provide a valuable alternative for the Bali tourist industry but there will always be a love affair between the island and Australian tourists. So Bali are now trying to win back Australian tourists. This year they went a long way in the right direction by eliminating the entry visa that Australian’s used to have to pay. This was 50 Australian dollars or around 38 US Dollars. Over the years the Indonesia government has talked about eliminating the visa but it wasn’t until 2016 that finally they joined 169 other countries in gaining free entry to the island.

Australians have certainly responded in kind by returning to the island making it their number 1 destination this year. Time will tell if Bali can continue to win back Australian tourists but the visa elimination will certainly go a long way to help.


Private Tours to Croatia

Croatia is located in the South Western section of Europe. The country has a surface area that is around 50,000 square meters and a population of less than five million inhabitants.

The country was part of the Yugoslavia after World War II. However, the region, before being an independent state, enjoyed some features of self-governing. Afterwards, Croatia declared its independence officially in 1991 after the resolving of Yugoslavia. Today, many travelers from various regions in the world go for private tours to Croatia for its distinguished historical sites mainly featured with the Gothic style of architecture and the many beautiful natural areas.

Many readers would wonder; what is so significant in this destination that would motivate me to book a private tour to Croatia? Well, Croatia has much to offer to travelers from different ages and various interests.

Croatia has some magnificent historical sites that date to various periods of time. The highlights of monuments of Croatia would surely include the Rector’s palace. This old historical palace was built in the middle of the 15th century. It is featured with its mysterious mood and unparalleled architecture.

There is also the Franciscan Monastery that was founded in the beginning of the 14th century AD. However, the whole complex that included a church, a library, and many other places was largely demolished due to an earthquake in the 17th century. Afterwards, it was rebuilt and restored in the 18th century. The monastery is notable for its decorations ornamented altars. A visit to the monastery is included in many private tours to Croatia.

One of the UNESCO world heritage sites is located in Croatia. That is the Diocletian’s Palace, one of the most ancient historical sites of the country. It was built in the 4th century AD as the residence and perhaps the stronghold of Diocletian who ruled the region at the time. This huge structure is often enlisted in a large number of private tours to Croatia.

Guests enjoying their private tours to Croatia would for sure admire their visit to the Cathedral of Zagreb. This is one of the most notable attractions of the Croatian capital. The building is significantly astonishing with its high structure, Gothic architecture, and high towers. The ancient cathedral was constructed in the 13th century, demolished by the Mongols less than 20 years later. However, it was reconstructed and renovated in many occasions afterwards. A visit to the Cathedral is a must during any trip to Croatia.

Apart from magnificent historical sites, Croatia also enjoys hosting some wonderful natural areas and parks. For example, there is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is another UNESCO world heritage site situated in Croatia. With a surface area of around 300 square kilometers, this protected area is characterized with its many lakes, natural scenery, and distinguished waterfalls.

The number of visitors exploring the park is estimated to be more than one million people every year as it is considered one of the most popular natural parks of Europe. It is hard to find a private tour to Croatia that does not include a visit to the Plitvice Lakes National Park

On the other hand, there are some advantages of private tours to Croatia that make them the best choice for many types of travelers especially for families, honeymooners, or anyone who admires his comfort and privacy.

The finest feature of private tours is that the guests would be free to make all their favorite choices concerning many aspects of their trip. Travelers would identify everything that would please them during their private tour to Croatia and they would enjoy the luxury of being with their family members or friends, all by themselves, together with their tour guide that would dedicate all his efforts to make them happy.

Guests would have the chance to specify the approximate time to begin their tours in Croatia, they would be free to have a break whenever they want, or even call it a day when they are tired. They would not be tied to any sort of group limitations or obligations. Private tours to Croatia is among the best we offer in Europe and they are highly recommended in the spring season.


4 Popular Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the top tourist attractions in Europe and is a very cosmopolitan city that is inviting, charming and compact. The compact nature of this city makes it easy to explore by boat, bike or foot. With over 100 canals throughout the capital it is very easy to get around by boat to enjoy the more quaint and appealing backdrop. The city is blessed with colorful markets to fine art museums to make sure there is something unique and existing to find in every corner.

Here are four of the popular places to explore on a trip to Amsterdam:


The city’s main park is called Vondelpark and is one of the few places in Amsterdam that provides the wide open green space. This park is rich in great features to explore such as a network of waterways and ponds that are home to plenty of birds, a great rose garden, and plenty of native and non-native plant life. Additionally, this park is rich in wildlife with many parakeets, squirrels, sheep and cows to admire. For the main tourist season during the summer there are also special theatrical performances and free concerts available that take place in a purpose-made theater.

Ferry across the River IJ

A non-stop ferry service behind Amsterdam Central station makes it possible to easily reach Noord for a very relaxing time for cyclists or pedestrians. Amsterdam-Noord is a very peaceful area that gives access to leafy suburbs that are great to get away from the busier areas of the city and nice for a peaceful walk. With ferry trips only taking about 12 minutes it won’t take up too much time to discover some of the pleasant areas that are starting to witness a revival.


One of the must-see destinations to explore in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh museum with the largest collection of his works. For a more contemporary feel of the art scene, it is possible to visit some of the independent galleries (KochxBos, Radar, and Galerie Fons Welters) that include artwork to match virtually all tastes. Most of the popular galleries are found in the picturesque and quiet Jordaan area.

Botanical garden

A visit to the Vrije University gives access to a small botanical garden that has more than 5000 plants on display. It houses plenty of endangered or rare species of plant life that have been seized by customs at Schipol airport. This garden area is also a popular site for hosting workshops and concerts.